Get access to a limited number of conversations and learn simple tips and ticks related to business.

Complete Access

Business Preferred


Unlimited access to all professional conversations, guidance and business-changing advice.

How does the free plan work?

After signing up as a user with a free plan, you'll have access to the entire Parrily platform but will only be able to have conversations with a limited number of chatbots and Pros.

What are conversations?

A conversation is when a user interacts with a chatbot. Chatbots are programmed by Parrily Pros to consult with you about your situation regarding the relevant topic.

How long does a conversation typically take?

Conversations can range in length from a few minutes up until about an hour - depending on your responses.

What sorts of conversations are on Parrily?

All conversations are business-related. Specifically, they could relate to topics such as marketing, customer service, strategy, legal, and others.

If I upgrade to the 'preferred' plan, am I stuck in a contract?

No. Subscriptions automatically renew every month but can be cancelled at any time.