Frequently Asked Questions

What is Parrily?

Parrily is a learning and consulting platform where business owners and professionals can conduct conversations with chatbots in an effort to gain knowledge and direction on various business-related topics.

What will I have access to after signing up?

After signing up as a free user, you'll have access to view our full catalog of chatbot conversations submitted by industry experts. Many of them you will be able to join right away, others might require that you upgrade to the 'Business Preferred' plan.

Who are the industry experts that submit conversations?

Parrily Pros are users who have signed up for the platform, have submitted the Pro application that is available to all users, and been verified by Parrily as a professional able to provide value to users in the form of chatbot conversations.

What was the idea behind Parrily?

We wanted to make a way for everyday business owners, leaders and professionals to be able to learn more about business, make better decisions and grow their businesses in a simple, cost-effective and accessible way.

What are conversations?

A conversation is when a user interacts with a chatbot. Chatbots are programmed by Parrily Pros to consult with you about your situation regarding the relevant topic.

How long does a conversation typically take?

Conversations can range in length from a few minutes up until about an hour. The norm is 10-15 minutes depending on the user's responses.

What sorts of conversations are on Parrily?

All conversations are business-related. Specifically, they could relate to topics such as marketing, customer service, strategy, legal, management, and others.

How much does it cost to get access to the full catalog of conversations?

Right now, the 'Business Preferred' plan is available for $29.99 per month. This is subject to change.

Is it difficult to become a Parrily Pro?

It's simple as long as you can show that you have knowledge and experience in a certain facet of business and will be able to provide value to users on the platform.

What's the benefit of becoming a Parrily Pro?

Growing your potential clients, building your brand, and earning money. Parrily pays out a fixed rate of subscription fees to Pros based on total conversations, average rating and other factors.

What forms of payment do you accept?

We use Stripe for all payment processing and they accept all major credit cards. You can learn more about Stripe by going to