The Best Chatbots are 99% Human and 1% Bot

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At a time when messaging apps are garnering more user screen time than Facebook and Twitter, chatbots make a lot of sense.

Chatbots are, simply:

the simulation of a conversation between a computer and a human

They're a way to tap into the texting and messaging preferences of today's society while leveraging advances in technology including artificial intelligence and machine learning.

The struggle for platforms that leverage chatbots is the ratio of machine-to-human. Too much machine and it's less of a chatbot and more of a basic computer program. Too much human and, well ... it's not a chatbot.

At Parrily, we push the upper bounds of how much "human" can fit into a chatbot, and we've decided that a necessary ratio is 99% human to 1% bot.

After we put together the basic computer algorithm to run the conversation in the chatbot, here's what we focus on to make it more human:

  • Transitions: right, the computer isn't actually "typing" back a response (and the user knows that), but a real, human element is added when the conversation involves a back-and-forth similar to a person-to-person chat
  • Informal language: when our experts construct the conversations, they type up the computer's responses exactly like how they would respond personally. This includes sometimes unnecessary but real life words and phrases.
  • Alternating media: we try to include a mix of text, video and other visual responses to add life and interest to all conversations.

Just because our advice and information may be distributed via chatbots, we believe that the conversation can and should be just as good as when speaking person-to-person.

Our goal at Parrily in every chatbot conversation is to make you feel the freedom of talking to a bot while experiencing a personal and human touch.

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