Why You Should Read Blogs With a Grain of Salt

Why You Should Read Blogs With a Grain of Salt banner image

Yes, that's right.

Even the blog post that you're reading at this very moment should be absorbed with a hint of skepticism.

I'm not usually one to promote pessimism and, in this instance, I'm not suggesting that you refuse to believe or look down on a blog's author. Rather, I think that you should exercise caution before implementing guidance from a blog in your life.

Here's why:

Blogs are Biased

Yes, everything you read from the mainstream media, to a published book, to what you hear on the radio is biased.

This is because those various forms of content are produced by individuals with belief-systems and personal standards.

Biases are even more common in blogs because blog posts are generally more informal, leaving more room for the author's personality.

Informal and biased content can be entertaining, but if you're reading the blog for learning purposes, you need to keep in mind that the author's viewpoint likely isn't objective, regardless of how hard they're trying to make it come across.

Blogs are Primarily Recycled Content

Most bloggers learn the same way that non-bloggers do, by reading blogs.

Knowledge acquired from blogs and online research may be the entirety of their knowledge, or just enough to supplement prior knowledge or a particular topic in order to put together their own blog post.

Instead of trusting in the research produced by an industry expert, you may actually be reading content recycled by a dozen or so bloggers with no industry experience.

Yes, you can find sincere and brilliant bloggers who continually push out original content, but many times individuals or businesses with blogs take shortcuts with their content marketing efforts.

Be aware that the source of the article you're reading may not be who you think it is.

Blogs Aren't Just for You

Have you ever read a blog post that was addressed to you personally?

Like "Tyler, here's how you can stop procrastinating and accomplish your goals!"?

Of course not. Whether the blog is instructing you on how to fix something in your home or how to develop a social media marketing plan for your company, it's written to a much larger audience than just you. People with their own unique set of circumstances.

You see, blog owners (even the "niche" ones) are trying to acquire as large of an audience to their blog as possible. That's the point! And because of that, not everything that you read in the blog post fits or makes sense for you.

So, what gives?

I'm not suggesting that you stop reading blog posts - far from it. There are many situations when reading blog posts make sense:

  • When you're out of ideas
  • When you're trying something new
  • When you're looking for perspectives that are different than your own
  • When you're searching for a solution

However, what I am suggesting is that you perform adequate preparation before making a life (or business) decision that has real consequences.

The best-case scenario would be for you to have a consultation with an experienced expert or get content and advice tailored specifically to your situation which is what we're trying to accomplish at Parrily.

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